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Kenjutsu & Miyamoto Musashi – From Past to Present

Kenjutsu is the collective term for all Japanese swordsmanship schools, from the olden times up to today’s modern world. Kenjutsu was used by Japanese swordsmen in the early 11th century, which makes it one of the oldest sports known in Japanese culture.   This sport descends from Japanese samurai warriors. Kenjutsu integrates the techniques, teachings…

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Godai & Miyamoto Musashi – A Comprehensive Overview

Your day to day life is governed by certain principles and philosophies. These are mainly dependent on your country of origin. The Japanese greatly believe in The Five Elements philosophy, otherwise known as Godai.   Derived from Indian and Buddhist cultures, this philosophy was popularized when a renowned swordsman and martial artist, Miyamoto Musashi, wrote…

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Miyamoto Musashi

Miyamoto Musashi was a great figure in Japanese history. He was an effective military leader, for his great strategies. Musashi was also a great artist, being able to produce paintings, sculptures, and calligraphy which have become one of the finest among others in Japanese history. Musashi however, is best known for his great skill as…

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