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Kenjutsu & Miyamoto Musashi – From Past to Present

Kenjutsu is the collective term for all Japanese swordsmanship schools, from the olden times up to today’s modern world. Kenjutsu was used by Japanese swordsmen in the early 11th century, which makes it one of the oldest sports known in Japanese culture.   This sport descends from Japanese samurai warriors. Kenjutsu integrates the techniques, teachings…

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You Probably Don’t Know These Things About Kendo & Miyamoto Musashi

Kendo is practiced by modern-day martial artists. It is a sport that uses bamboo swords, which are also known as Shinai. Armor is also used, which is called Bogu.   This modern-day Japanese martial art was inspired by the ancient Kenjutsu. This sport is a combination of traditional Kenjutsu methods and contemporary strategies.   This…

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Kendo – The Way Of The Sword

WHAT IS KENDO? The sword has been a part of Japanese culture since the earliest surviving records of that country. References to swordsmanship can be found in the ancient chronicles of Japanese history. Though it is difficult to make accurate date estimates from those sources, but some sources describe references as early as A.D. 400.…

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