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Godai & Miyamoto Musashi – A Comprehensive Overview

Your day to day life is governed by certain principles and philosophies. These are mainly dependent on your country of origin. The Japanese greatly believe in The Five Elements philosophy, otherwise known as Godai.   Derived from Indian and Buddhist cultures, this philosophy was popularized when a renowned swordsman and martial artist, Miyamoto Musashi, wrote…

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Zen Buddhism

Facts About Zen Buddhism & Its Origin Zen Buddhism is highly focused on seated meditation as a way to discover the purest state of one’s mind. It is a journey of self discovery by living in the moment. This practice basically offers a venue for a person to trigger their spiritual awareness. History of Zen…

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Zazen – Zen Meditation

How to Practice Zazen & Zen Meditation Zazen refers to Zen meditation that is done while sitting. It is the essence of Zen Buddhism practice where the execution or proper position is considered highly crucial when performing the meditation. Masters of Zazen believe that your posture or your body’s position during meditation can have a…

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