Miyamoto Musashi’s Hyodokyo – “The Mirror Of The Great Way Of Strategy”

Chapter List

1. The state of mind of strategy
2. The way of looking
3. The way of holding the sword
4. About sword combat
5. The way of moving from place to place
6. The way of holding the body
7. The way of cutting
8. How to change the situation in the midst of combat
9. Getting the other to drop his sword
10. Yin in combat
11. Yang in combat
12. How to discern the other’s state
13. Delivering a blow
14. How to take the initiative
15. Striking while turning the point of the sword
16. Attacking the legs
17. Attacking the hand
18. How to avoid the point of the adversary’s sword
19. How to pass above the adversary’s sword
20. Moving with sliding steps
21. Discerning the real intention
22. The two swords

23. How to throw a shuriken
24. Fighting against many opponents
25. Using the jitte
26. How to draw the various swords
27. The ultimate strike
28. The state of direct communication (jiki tsu)